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Song | Sound | Silence | Connection


“Singing together is an advanced technology that brings us,

almost instantaneously, out of our heads

and into our hearts.” – Susie Ro

We come together share the joy of singing in community arrive in the present moment free our voices

Without the need for perfection, we sing simple songs, Rainbow Songs, mantras and chants from all over the world. We meet in a cozy atmosphere with tea and candle light and enjoy an evening in community.

I accompany the songs on the guitar and the drum.

You are welcome to bring your own instruments (rattle, drum,...) along with you. :-)

I look forward to singing with you!

Upcoming sincing circles

29. Juni 2024 - 19 Uhr

Singkreis & Kakao mit Ina Danu, Phoenix Maria und Lukas K.

hundert*zwei - Raum für Bewegung und Vielfalt

Glimpfingerstr. 102, 4020 Linz

 A space to unfold your voice

It is my intention to create a safe space so that we can free our voices, let them unfold, and be heard. 


It is such a beautiful and freeing feeling when we can use our voice to express from deep within. Often, while growing up and also during our daily lives, we learn that we should better be "quiet", "keep our mouth shut", that we shouldn't stand out too much, or that we wouldn't sing "nice". In the song circle, we are warmly invited to throw all of those believes over board.

The singing circle is a place, where we meet each other free of any judgement and where we can give our voice the opportunity to sound just the way it wants to sound. All is welcome - silent, loud, high, deep, soft, strong or listening voices. I intend to gently hold space for all that is present.

"Your voice is a unique medicine that has been specially formulated to heal your heart and reconnect you to the essence of your soul." - Usha Ananadi

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